Would you like to get more sales in your business?

Who wouldn’t? But did you know there are some tricks that companies use to get us to buy? Have you ever made a purchase that you didn’t intentionally set out to make? Would you like to encourage others to do the same by purchasing from your business?

Below are some tricks of the trade that subconsciously encourage buyers to make a purchase they may not have otherwise made. By applying these tricks to your own business, you may be able to get more sales and gain more customers.

Have a read and think if you have ever been swayed by these tactics. Bet you have!

Free offers

We all love getting something for free. We accept the free offer such as ‘free delivery’ although behind the scenes the delivery charge has most likely been factored into the price of the item. We just can’t resist that word ‘free’ though and will often spend more than we intended to get the free delivery if it is offered for orders over a certain price.

Highlighted items

Think of the displays you see at the end of grocery aisles. What about the items on a separate display from everything else? How about those items on a list that are highlighted in a different colour or a box? Subconsciously we are drawn to them, and they end up in our basket.

Package pricing

We get lured into a low-cost item but then want the full package and will spend more on the accompanying items than we intended to (or realise we are doing). Think about holidays. We get attracted to the low-cost holiday to that sunny island and want to snap up the bargain. Extra costs have been added to the transfers and flights though to make up the cost reduction on the key item that first attracted us.

What can you do to get more sales?

Think about the three ‘gimmicks’ above. Can you subtly incorporate these ideas into your business to get more sales?

Could you incorporate ‘free’ delivery or gift wrapping? Just a simple piece of ribbon and a blank gift tag to include with items could be promoted as a free bonus to encourage buyers.

Try highlighting certain items in your store or on your website. Make them stand out and track how many more sales you get.

What could you package together? If you have old stock you want to get rid of package this up with your more recent items. For service providers create a guide/booklet or help sheet to offer with your service.

Get creative and let us know what you come up with.

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