Stop selling, get social and gain more clients

Do you want to know how to get more clients with social media? If so, I want to share one of our top digital marketing tips if you use social media for business, and you can also apply this if you use social media for personal use. It is quite a simple tip really.

Here it is in all its simplicity:

Put the social back into social media

So often I meet clients who complain that they are not getting the results they want from their social media efforts but when I review their sites, all I see is ‘me, me, me’. They are constantly trying to sell to people.

As I always tell people, when posting on social media sites such as Facebook, it is important to be consistent and post regularly but not to constantly try to sell.

The aim is to interact with others, or be social, (the tip is in the name ‘social media’) on these sites to in order to build a relationship with them so that people/potential clients come to like and trust you. They are then more likely to want to listen to your message in the future and interact with you and will remember you when they need the product or service you offer.

Be more personal on social media

You wouldn’t go to a dinner party and just constantly talk about yourself and how wonderful you are, or if you did I suspect you wouldn’t be invited back again. So why behave in this way on social media.

Post on social media sites as though you were talking to someone in person. Give them hints and tips for solving problems related to your business offering and provide interesting information.

Let people see the real you so let your personality shine through. Join in groups where your target market hang out and join in conversations. Give some free advice. This can then be interspersed with a sales message on odd occasions rather than turning people off by selling to them constantly.

Tried and tested social media tactics

I had a message from a wonderful lady I have been working with recently. She had just been posting sales messages and getting nothing back. She changed tactic just a week ago and has already seen her likes and followers grow daily.  Even better, she has gained 3 new clients. In her words “Amazeballs!”.

You see, it works!

Use this in your personal life too!

And in your personal life, don’t just talk about yourself. Take an interest in others. Ask how they are, what they are doing and help them if you can. No one likes to spend time with someone who is only interested in themselves.

So if you want to get more clients, start being more social on social media and see how your success increases.

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