Website Support


Whether you are looking for a refresh of your existing site, adding new content or a brand-new build, we can support your needs. We build sites using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and many other platforms.

We create sites from one-page sites with all information on a single web page to extensive sites requiring e-commerce, booking facilities, client portals and membership sites.

For a no-obligation quote, simply enter your details below upon which we will send you an online form to complete.


Are you getting visitors to your site but they are not buying from you? Maybe your site isn’t as clear or as user-friendly as you think.

Our website review will give an overview of your site from a new visitor perspective.

The site will be looked at as objectively as possible as a new reader with no prior knowledge of what the business does.

Things we will look for are:

The overall site

We will take an objective view of how easy it is to immediately see if it is clear to your ideal client how you can help them and why they should buy from you and not your competitors.


We will take a careful look at how easy it is to navigate your site, find information quickly and order or get in contact. 

We will check for common mistakes that cause frustration with visitors which result in them leaving your site and looking somewhere else.


We will look at how well your pages are laid out and if they are easy to read and understand.


We will check if the site is fully optimised for the search engines on both mobile and desktop devices and identify any issues that may be preventing your site from getting found.


We will check if you are missing any simple tricks in getting people to buy from you.

Once the site has been reviewed, you will be provided with a full written report along with our recommendations in an easy to follow checklist.

You can then use this checklist to update any issues yourself or pass on to your web manager. And of course, you can always use us to implement the recommendations should you wish.


Any WordPress website needs to be maintained once it is complete and all websites need security checks, monitoring, scheduled backups and regular updates.

Having a website maintenance package gives you peace of mind your site is being properly maintained and if any technical issues occur, they will be fixed for you. You can of course maintain your site yourself, but errors can occur if you do not have the technical knowledge to deal with common issues such as:

  • Outdated plugins causing incompatibility issues
  • Having broken links you are not aware of which cause a poor user experience and affect SEO
  • Contact form not working correctly which again, you may not be aware of
  • Critical updates not being undertaken with themes and plugins

Website maintenance is not just pressing the update button. Due diligence research needs to be taken to check whether new versions of themes and plugins are stable, bug free, compatible etc. or your website could ultimately crash.

Maintenance should include regular backups and a recovery plan. Key maintenance items included in our Standard Website Maintenance Package are listed below:

  • Update plugins and themes
  • Check site pages loading correctly
  • Test the functionality of contact forms
  • Check for broken links
  • Check Google insights
  • Optimise new images
  • Check and resolve any site issues
  • Check website on multiple devices
  • Check SEO
  • Check accessibility issues
  • Check sitemap issues
  • Quick fix tweaks and amendments as and when required (Any works up to 1 hour included.  Works exceeding 1 hour will be quoted for separately)
  • Monthly report with advice and recommendations for any improvements

Our plan also includes premium versions of Anti-Spam and Optimisation software.