If you are anything like the majority of small business out there, you will have awoken this morning wondering how to survive a second lockdown. Your mind will be racing!  You will be wondering which way to turn and what to do next with the 2nd lockdown coming in just a few days.

We have been inundated with shouts for help this morning and will be getting back to everyone asap on an individual basis but in the meantime, here is a quick checklist to help save your sanity:

Review your business model

Build your online business! If you didn’t do this the first time around ….., no, we’re not going to shout at you but you need to act fast!

Look at what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.

What can you sell online?  Don’t say nothing.  Create gift vouchers and promote the hell out of them!  Consider online tutorials for existing clients wherever possible or create top tip sheets.  Share top tips and ask for a donation to your business coffers in return if readers like them.  You never know how well this could work!

Quite simply, think you how you can adapt your business to “make lemonade out of lemons”?

Stay visible

Yes, you may want to crawl into a dark corner and stay there until this is over but this is not the time.  You’ve got to get up and show up! Your clients are suffering too.  Help them!

Create small challenges for them relative to what you provide.  Hairdressers are a key example.  We speak to these and they say there is nothing they can do.  There is!

A hairdresser can do a 10-day challenge to improve hair health.  Daily tips could be provided on what to eat, what products to use/not use etc.

A challenge could be set to create a different hairstyle every day for a week.  So what if you clients have short cropped hair.  Get creative with scarves, hair clips, caps, temporary colours etc.

Whatever you do, get online and keep visible!!

Support your customers and clients

Show them you care.  Check in with them.  Empathise with them if you have had to cancel their appointments.

Communicate with them when you will re-open, (as far as you are aware in an ever-changing climate), how you will prioritise re-bookings etc.

Keeping in touch can be a real benefit long term.  It enables you to continue to build relationships and trust.  You may enter conversations and get a better understanding of your customer’s needs for the future.  Use the lockdown to put these needs into practice wherever possible.

Make your premises safe

If you have a bricks and mortar premises, ensure you take steps to keep it safe during a second lockdown.

  • Secure the building.  Double-check all doors and windows are locked securely.
  • Remove any items of value or store securely if you can’t
  • Remove perishable items.  Empty the fridge and cupboards where pesky pests might find access.
  • Disconnect unnecessarily electrical equipment and take meter readings
  • Complete a full stock check and mark all your company’s assets
  • Divert phone calls and mail to your home address
  • Consider additional security measures such as CCTV, sensor lights or access control system

Get help!

Ok, this is tip number 5! But we simply couldn’t leave it out.

You need now more than ever to have a strong online presence if you want to survive a second lockdown. If you are unsure, don’t have the time or the knowledge to get your business online, that’s where we come in.

We can help with:

  • Social media posts
  • Website updates
  • Content creation
  • Design of online materials such as gift vouchers
  • Setting up an online store

All you have to do is get in touch. Just tell us what you need, we will send you a quote and you decide whether to use or not. There is no obligation whatsoever.