Would you be able to update your website if you wanted to? What happens if you try to login and get the message ‘can’t access website?’

Have you tried lately? Have you found you can’t access your own website?

When did you last update your website? We ask you this for two reasons.

  1. Search engines like fresh, updated content. Websites have a better chance of getting found by search engines with fresh, quality content. Therefore it’s a good idea to regularly update with new content.
  2. We ask you this to determine if you have access to update your website when you want.

At seahorse recently, we have received many requests to update websites for several small businesses. But we have been thwarted in our attempts! This has been due to the small business owner not having admin access to their own site. They originally had everything set up by a web developer, but here’s the catch. They haven’t updated their site for so long and the web developer has now disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Are you in charge of your own website

If you are not in charge of your website you could hit a sticky wicket when you want to make changes. It can be wise for a web developer to not give administrator access to a business owner. This in case of the business owner making an inadvertent mistake. And this is perfectly okay as long as you can actually get in contact with your web developer when you want to.

Make sure you do a regular check-in with your chosen developer or maintenance person. This way you will get wind if they decide to pack in their current role and run off to live on a far flung island for the rest of their life. You want to remain a constant in their mind, so they don’t forget you and let you know of any changes at their end.

May we suggest you just drop your web developer a quick email here and now. Particularly if you haven’t updated your site in a while. Make sure that they are still around and still responsive to you. And if you don’t hear anything for weeks on end that it’s time to do something about it.

Here at seahorse we pride ourselves on our customer service and being available to you when you need us. If you need any help you know where we are.