Before we get started, let’s talk about what Facebook reach actually means.

What is Facebook reach?

Facebook reach relates to the number of people who saw any content from your Page or about your Page. This content could be an image you have uploaded, a status update, a video or anything else you have published.  Your ‘reach’ is not limited to your followers or those who “like” your page.  Your reach will include people who have come across your content by others, such as their own friends, who have liked, shared or commented on your posts.

The more people who see your content the better as this will attract more followers.  This is why it’s important to focus on your Facebook reach to get as many people as possible to see your posts and interact with them.

But that’s easier said than done!

How to increase Facebook reach

Quality over quantity

The first thing to focus on is quality over quantity. Yes, you need to post consistently to gain traction with followers but they would rather see four or five quality posts each week than two each day that are just there to make up the numbers.

Write your posts for what your target audience wants to hear about and answers questions they have.  This will help position you as the expert so they will want to keep coming back to find out more.

Stop selling!

This applies to anyone in a service-based industry.  If you don’t have a physical product, you need to build a relationship built on trust before anyone will want to buy from you. If all they see are posts trying to get them to buy something intangible, they will soon stop following you.  Stop selling and as above, focus on providing them with quality content where you create an environment they want to be part of.

  • Help followers by sharing tips and advice
  • Entertain them with real-life stories and quotes so they get to know and like you.
  • Educate them as to what they need to do to solve their pain point and why they need to do it
  • Inspire them to buy from you by providing the solution to their problem

Mix up your posts

If followers see the same thing over and over again, they may get bored unless your content is super high quality so mix things up to keep them coming back.

  • Create and use unique images
  • Create videos (especially live ones)
  • Ask questions
  • Get people to choose their favourite ‘something’ from a choice you give them.
  • Find or create some motivational quotes and funny memes.
  • Run a competition or a poll.
  • Make a statement and ask people if they agree or not with a yes or no.
  • Choose an amusing image

Look at other posts from businesses similar to yours and see what types are getting the most interaction. Start to analyse your own posts to see which get the most interaction.  Are they images, text, or videos?  Whichever they are, create more of these.

Aim for interaction not followers

Too many focus on the number of followers they have rather than interaction in the early days.  They invite all their friends and family and look to get anyone and everyone to follow them.  This is pointless though if your page or group is not of interest to these followers and they will simply ignore what you put out.

Facebook will increase the reach to posts that get likes, comments and even the amount of time someone spends viewing the post.  If you have a lot of followers who don’t interact, your overall reach will decline further and further.

Aim to attract a smaller amount of people who will like comment and share your posts and this will over time attract more of the right target market to your page. But how do encourage interaction?

People like to feel good, laugh, know the latest gossip and news and be shocked!  Think about how you can use this in your posts.  As per the previous tip, mix up your posts.  Use motivational posts, let them in on something funny that has happened in your day, give them the latest hot off the press news.  These can be the type of posts that will gain likes, comments, and shares.  Ask simple but fun questions!


If you need help increasing your Facebook reach get in touch.  Seahorse Creative can help from creating a few posts to get you started right through to full social media management.

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